Time: 13.00 to 15.00
Room: AD10
Reporter: Uwimana Lorraine, Derrick Shema and Christelle Irakoze

The session kicked off with a presentation on the use of CyFlow Counter, a fully equipped compact desktop flow cytometer dedicated for routine CD4 and CD4% counting. With its size and its robustness the Cyflow counter is easy for use in district and provincial level and laboratories. It has a built-in thermal printer, 15 minutes incubation time outside the device for higher and flexible sample throughput, up to 20 samples can be processed per hour, and it eliminates the use of the reference beads.

The alignFree technology of Cyflow Counter: The complete Optical system of the Cyflow counter is designed as one solid metal block. AlignFree Technology reduces to a minimum the installation and set-up time of the cyflow Counter. This makes the Cyflow Counter a real “Plug & Play” CD4 platform by enabling laboratory staff to fully concentrate on routine CD4 T-cell measurements. The dramatic decrease of cost per CD4 test and the minimum overall running costs make Cyflow Counter very cost-effective. Service, technical support and maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum.

The cyflow counter is a fully equipped desktop flow cytometer with green laser excitation. It analyses up to three optical parameters (SSC and 2 fliorescence channels). It performs both fluorescence analysis and true volumetric absolute cell counting without the need of reference beads or a hematology counter.