Community Programme

Community Programme

The International Steering Committee is grateful to the following individuals, all leading experts in their respective fields, for giving their time and guidance to the development of the 20th ICASA Community Programme. We are proud to have them as the Chairs, Co-Chairs and Members for the Community Programme Committee. 
CPC: Community Programme Committee

Alain Manouan Chair Cote d’Ivoire
Mrs. Sage Semafara Co-chair Rwanda
Mr. Franck DeRose Member United States of America
Dr. Morenike Ukpong Member Nigeria
Mr. Manuel Couffignal Member Senegal
Mrs. Daughtie Ogutu Member Kenya
His Majesty Dr. Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV Member Uganda
Dr. Ron Simmons Member United States of America
Lilian Mworeko Member Uganda
Dr. Marsha Martins Member United States of America
Mr. Walter Ugwuocha Member Nigeria
Mr. Innocent Liaison Member Senegal
Miss. Geogina Caswell Member South Africa
Mr.  Alzouma Maiga Member Mali
Aziel Gangerdine Member South Africa
Dr. Joy Backory Member Geneva
Mr. Yatma Fall Member Senegal
Moses Okpara Nigeria
Kenneth Kintu Uganda
Yvonne Kahimbura Tanzania
Mr. Jimmy Wiltord Member Zimbabwe
Madam Olive Mumba Member South Africa
Mr. Berry Nibogora Member South Africa
Martine Kabugubugu Member Burundi
Madam Helene Badini Member Senegal
Paul Sagna Member Senegal
Kenneth Kabagambe Member Uganda
Mr. Stephano Nobile Member Geneva
Sister Marie Josee Maliboli Member Rwanda
Mr. GATETE Jean Marie Vianney Member Rwanda
Nooliet Kabanyana Member Rwanda
Francois Karangwa Member Rwanda
Geraldine Umutesi Member Rwanda
Innocent  Bahati Member Rwanda
Chantal Benekigeri Member Rwanda
Lindsay Little Member Rwanda
Itete Karagire Member Rwanda
Theoneste Osaga Rutuku Member Rwanda
Tona Isibo Member Rwanda

Community Programme

The official opening ceremony of the Community Village will commence on Tuesday, 3rd December, 2019 at 10:45. Sessions will take place throughout the from 10:45 - 19:15 (3rd December to Saturday, 7th December 2019) each day. Below are the topics the Community Programme Committee has chosen to focus on.

Plenary Session

  1. 1. Community Innovation and Technology to ending AIDS
  2. 2. Health Financing; Community and Private sector engagement for Increased domestic funding 
  3. 3. Community based monitoring for quality service delivery
  4. 4. Accessing services for People living with Disabilities
  5. 5. Addressing social structures to increase access to service and agency for Adolescent Girls and young women.

Community Programme Committee Numbers of Sessions
Plenary Session 5
Special Session 5
Workshop 8
Non-Abstract Session 5



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