Society for AIDS in Africa
21st August 2019

The International Steering Committee members met today, 21st of August 2019, at the Kigali Serena Hotel, Kigali Rwanda to develop the oral abstract sessions for the 2019 ICASA Conference scheduled to hold from the 2nd to the 9th of December 2019.

The conference received 3,107 abstracts from 80 countries from all the continents including Austria, New Zealand, Isreal and United States of America.

ICASA 2019 Rwanda Marathon Meeting

Abstracts were received from 1,244 females. Also, 777 abstracts written in French were received.

Track A which is on Basic Science, received 227 abstracts; and Track B which is on Clinical Sciences, treatment and care received 554 abstracts. Track C which is on Epidemiology and Prevention Science received 1103 abstracts; Track D which is on Law, Human rights, Social Science and Political Science received 673 abstracts. Track E which is on Health Systems, Economics and Implementation Science received 550 abstracts.

Luc Bodea, the Director of ICASA and the Coordinator of the Society for AIDS in Africa was excited about the meeting. He said: this is an exciting time for me as we at the secretariat are experimenting with a number of new things to make the 2019 ICASA Conference top in science, with excellent engagement of stakeholders. The number of abstracts received for the conference almost doubled that received for the 2017 conference. We are planning to come up with 28 excellent oral abstract sessions. The oral abstract sessions will have a new feature that we hope to become a trademark of the ICASA conference. I am looking forward to an excellent ICASA 2019 conference.

Prof John Idoko, the President of the Society for AIDS in Africa also agreed that this was a different meeting.

We have brought together about 120 persons to meeting for two days to put together 28 oral abstract sessions and finalise the conference programme. We shall ensure the conference host talks on topical issues relevant for researchers, policy makers, programmers, leaders and the community. We are trying to address different thematic and population needs. The entire process leading up to this meeting has been highly efficient. The 2019 ICASA conference promises to be a success in terms of the science and the learning and networking opportunities it will provide.

The marathon meeting ends tomorrow the 22nd of August, 2019.